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Hello World

Apr 28, 20222 min read

Welcome to my blog! My name is Oskari Rautiainen and I'm a developer.

I love to learn, explore new concepts, and most of all I love to build things - especially great experiences for users that just work.

For me a "user" is anyone that consumes what I create. Whether its an end consumer of a product, another developer reading my documentation or using tools I've created, or you reading this blog right now. Every piece of code, documentation, presentation deck or email we create is meant to be consumed by some audience and in order for our efforts to succeed we must clearly understand the needs of the given audience.

This blog is my attempt at sharing my experiences building things and learning about new cool concepts.

Why a blog? Why now?

As a software engineer I've learned a great deal from many bloggers, code examples, github projects and other free content out there. I want to help contribute back as best I can. I'm no expert and will do my best to not pretend to be one. But I think there is something we can all learn from each other and hopefully some of what I write about will be useful to at least 1 other person.

If anything that 1 person will be me because forcing myself to describe and write about my own experiences will help me reflect and solidify my own understanding.